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Get it for less than 20 euros!


Thanks to Lidl we always have all kinds of very useful home appliances and also at a very good price. This grill, which is now on sale, was not going to be less. You can get it for less than 20 euros and cook with it in the healthiest and richest way possible. To this we must add that it is easy to clean and practical.


Cooking at home should be something that we always have to keep in mind, so anything that helps us in our day to day is always appreciated. A grill this, now on sale, is a great companion for the daily, since it has all the necessary characteristics: easy to clean, easy to use and, of course, it serves to cook healthy dishes with very little oil.

It is impossible to think that this type of grill, on sale at Lidl, is not useful in the kitchen. What we can love the most about this small appliance is that in just a few minutes it is ready to be used, thanks to its rapid heating. In a short time we will get delicious grilled food. And almost without adding oil!

Technical characteristics of the Lidl grill

what it offers this lidl grill It’s a high-end thing. It has some really good features that we are going to see next. Grill features:

  • Short heating time: approx. 2 minutes.
  • Inclination to drain excess fat, includes removable fat collection tray.
  • Lidl grill plate: approx. 25x15cm.
  • Power: 1000W

As you can see, it needs about 2 minutes just to start working. This surprising speed is due to its 1000 W power and the exact size of the plate, which, not being excessively large, manages to heat up in less time. This grill from Lidl only has advantages.

On the other hand, we have an appliance with measurements of about 27.5 x 23.1 x 10.2 centimeters, so it is ideal to place in any corner of the kitchen, since it will not take up much space. Another point in favor is that it has a 100-centimeter cable, enough to not have problems when choosing where to plug in this Lidl grill.

Prepare anything with this grill

As we have said before, heating this grill is something that is achieved very quickly, but that is not the only advantage. Thanks to its two plates that create a constant heat source on both sides of the food, it is possible to cook more efficiently and even faster.

To this we must add that there are many different recipes and that they can be made from sandwiches to grilled vegetables. East small appliance from Lidl It is also perfect for cooking a cut of meat that is not very thick or even some seafood such as prawns or prawns. And all for less than 20 euros!

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