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Garlic, a superfood with a healing power that you should know about


Find a food Bringing together different nutritional properties in such a clear and concise way has never been so easy. Garlic is a superfood with a healing power and you must know all the Benefits that keeps for our heart and our body in general: from the blood pressure to our own digestion, passing through our gut flora.

Garlic is that herbaceous plant with long, sword-shaped leaves, small whitish flowers and capsule fruit that contains black, kidney-shaped seeds.

For those who do not know, the bulb has an intense and characteristic smell and flavor, and is covered by a wrapper similar to a very thin paper.

Garlic consists of several easy-to-separate pieces called cloves, which are what we can use in our breakfasts, but also in lunches and dinners.

Despite that sometimes strong smell, its action is vital to flavor our meals, and of course it does. It is best to know at what price so positive.

How does this superfood protect your heart?

If we consume garlic on a regular basis, and we do not forget it in our rich and balanced diet, we will enjoy an improvement in our blood circulation.

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Learn about the nutritional properties of an essential food such as garlic in favor of our heart and digestion

causes a vasodilator effect garlic, increasing the diameter of the blood vessels, even though the blood flows with less pressure.

Blood pressure is born from that pressure, and if we want to avoid diseases or ailments that affect the cardiovascular level, we must pay close attention.

Then garlic is able to stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosacausing an increase in digestive secretions and bile, improving the activity of the digestive tract.

So do not hesitate to take advantage of its advantages for our microbiota and benefit from all that it has to offer us at the digestion level.

As if that were not enough, garlic is also capable of reducing the frequency of colds in adults. This is established in a study of St. Joseph Family Medicine Residencyin United States.

Garlic lowers cholesterol

On the other hand, and hand in hand with other types of contributions, it nourishes the garlic in such a way that it helps to lower cholesterol levels considerably. That is why it is considered a great superfood.

And it is that a study published in the journal Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry showed that garlic was capable of reducing bad cholesterol, the well-known LDL.

So a trick, if you like to drink it but want to reduce its strong flavor a point, is to leave it to soak for an hour before cooking.

Garlic takes care of your bones, regardless of the arthritis or any other Joint pain, thanks to its high selenium and sulfur content. And that also has a positive effect on our immune system.

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