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Enjoy the holidays with the assortment of Easter products at Mercadona


Like every year around this time, Mercadona offers in its in-store and online catalog the most irresistible sweets and pieces of chocolate to spend an ideal Easter holiday season.

No one is bitter about a sweet, or at least that’s what the cliche says. We can think that it is true and that everything related to tasting a bit of the chocolate that Mercadona brings us in these times is pure happiness. It is already a classic among classics and no one can deny that within the usual variety, somewhat different products are appreciated.

In this way, whether you are a great lover of milk chocolate or white chocolate, in this exclusive assortment of the season you will be able to find the perfect dessert for the days in which we spend more time at home due to the Easter holidays. You can’t miss the opportunity to try these delicacies in fun shapes.

This year more and better

Within the catalog of chocolates and Mercadona Easter sweets we are going to find 14 different varieties. In this way, you will surely be able to find among all of them one that suits your tastes and needs. We must not forget that in addition to adding new types of chocolate, improvements have also been included with respect to previous years.

Mercadona's new Easter sweets and chocolates
Mercadona’s new Easter sweets and chocolates

On the one hand, within the variety of these chocolates we come across chocolates in the shape of a soccer ball, a rabbit or even a chicken. All of them have milk chocolate and white chocolate mixed in different amounts, so the difficult thing is to choose which one you like the most.

On the other hand, among the novelties that we have this year, the most striking thing is that two more eggs are included in the pack of shocked eggs. To this we must add that the support has been reduced for the lollipops to make them easier to handle and to be able to enjoy them much more comfortably.

The hen that lays the dark chocolate eggs from Mercadona

But the most striking novelty this year is none of the above. If your favorite chocolate is dark, you no longer have any excuse to enjoy a good sweet at Easter time, because Mercadona has included a new one in the usual catalog of these products: the dark chocolate hen.

In this way, we can try this hen, which has 70% dark chocolate, to bring to the enjoyment of this celebration. To this must also be added that Mercadona brings another novelty: some stuffed eggs with hazelnut cream.

Therefore, enjoy these fantastic Mercadona sweets and celebrate Easter in the best possible way. Of course, remember to eat a balanced diet and do some exercise.

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