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Easy Ways to Record WA WhatsApp Phone Calls So No One Is MissedEasy Ways to Record WhatsApp Phone Calls So No One Is Missed

The Gadget – WhatsApp does have various kinds of support that can make it easier for users to use its services which are always equipped with new features over time.

But unfortunately, there is still some support needed by some users that is not yet available on the service. One of them is a feature that can be used to record calls.

For some of us, recording WhatsApp calls even though it will be very useful. For example, to perpetuate important notes from superiors so that they can be used in completing a job.

When you need the WhatsApp call recorder feature, we have to take advantage of special tips and tricks. One of them is by using the help of third-party applications or additional devices that offer this function.

Recording WhatsApp calls the good news is not a difficult thing to do. Those of you who don’t know how to do it can listen in more detail as follows.

How to Record WhatsApp Phone Calls


  • Install the app Call Recorder – Cube ACR
  • Open the app if it’s already installed
  • To use, click the button Next to agree to the service policy
  • Click Grant Permissions then allow some necessary access
  • Tap Enable App Connector then turn on accessibility settings for the app
    How to Record WhatsApp Calls - 1
  • Adjust power optimization settings and geo tagging if needed
  • Click button Close (X icon) in the upper left corner or select one of the Cube ACR premium packages then press Continue
  • Next, open the application WhatsApp and make a phone call
  • Cube ACR will usually record automatically
  • If not, tap the button Start which also appears in the Cube ACR notification panel
  • Cube ACR will automatically stop recording if the call is closed
  • If you want to stop the process in the middle, tap the button Stop in the notification panel
    How to Record WhatsApp Calls - 2

Call Recorder – Cube ACR is one of the best options we can use to record WhatsApp calls. The problem is that this application has a variety of useful features, although some of them are only for premium users.

It’s just that unfortunately, this application is only available on a limited basis for mobile users based on the Android operating system. Meanwhile for iOS devices, we need another way.


Unlike the Android system, we will not find special applications or services that can be used to record WhatsApp calls directly. The problem is that Apple prohibits access to microphones and telephones simultaneously to protect user privacy.

As an alternative, we also need help from additional devices such as other cellphones, laptops, or recording devices. Don’t forget to activate the call mode with the speaker so that the caller’s voice can be recorded.

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