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Easy! This is how to scan an image into writing directly on a cellphone

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Gadgetren – Sometimes when you are in a certain area, you see a poster or billboard with certain writing or text that attracts attention.

You may also want to take the writing on the poster or billboard to become normal text and then edit it in a document.

So that you don’t have to retype yourself, you can use an application that can scan photos to be written in documents, like Google Lens. Even this application can directly convert the words that are in the photo into writing for the document editor.

Not only that, Google Lens can also make all the writing on a printed document to be converted into writing that can be stored digitally.

How to Scan Images into Writing

  • Download and install Google Lens from Google Play Store
  • Once installed, open Google Lens on your cellphone
  • On the main page of the application, select menu Text in the down
  • Select the physical document, newspaper, image, or other you want to scan
  • Point the phone camera
  • Make sure all posts are caught
  • Press the button shutter icon document inside circleScan Image to Text - Google Lens - 1
  • Then the Artificial Intelligence in Google Lens will turn it into a text that can be edited digitally
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, press the button Select All
  • Next, press the button Copy Text
  • Paste the text that was copied earlier into a document editor application, such as Word, with the features PasteScan Image to Text - Google Lens - 2

Actually, not only in the document editor application, you can paste the text that has been copied from Google Lens into various applications such as chat, email, SMS, social media, and others.

In addition to taking pictures directly, you can also take pictures that are already available on your cellphone to be scanned on Google Lens. Once the image is selected, then Google Lens will immediately scan it and look for any part of which is a text.

After the scanning process is complete, a pop-up menu will appear. You just need to press the Select All button to select all the text that Google Lens has scanned from the image and press the Copy Text button to copy it. Then you just need to press the Paste button to paste the copied text in another application.

Interestingly, Google Lens can also be used to translate languages ​​from various photos in real time. That way you can be directly translated into Indonesian using only your cellphone camera and the Google Lens application.

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