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Easy! This is How to Migrate Smartfren eSIM from Physical Card Online

Gadgetren – More and more mobile phones that support the eSIM feature in Indonesia have made Smartfren the first operator in the country to aggressively promote it.

Even Smartfren also presents an eSIM Migration program for loyal users to switch from a physical SIM card.

That way, of course, it will make it easier for old users to be able to experience the eSIM. Those of you who are already using an eSIM on your old cellphone and want to enter the same number on your new cellphone can also join the eSIM migration program through the official Smartfren website.

Later you are asked to fill out a registration form and get an OTP as verification of ownership of the current number, either from a physical SIM card or already have an eSIM who wants to switch from an old cellphone to a new cellphone.

For more details on how to migrate Smartfren eSIM, you can immediately see the steps as follows.

How to Migrate Smartfren eSIM

  • Access Smartfren eSIM migration site via browser
  • On the main page of the site, select the tab Data & Number Input (MDN) to be migrated
  • Fill in the data in the form of full name, address email, enter smartphone number will migrated, and choose migration request (Migration to eSIM or Change HP)
  • Next, press the button Send Verification Code
  • Wait for the SMS verification code to arrive at the number to be migrated
  • Enter the verification code into the column provided
    Smartfren - eSIM Migration
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the Smartfren eSIM subscription on the tab Terms and Conditions
  • Next, do the eSIM migration payment process
  • Then, QR Code will be sent to the email address used
  • Scan QR Code on a cellphone that has an eSIM
  • If successful, the Smartfren eSIM number can be used immediately

For the record, the fee for a one-time migration process is Rp. 15,000. To make it easier for service users to make transactions on eSIM online migration, the fees for the migration process will be deducted from the Prepaid balance or added to the Postpaid bill.

Migration to eSIM can be selected if you want to switch from a physical SIM card to a Smartfren eSIM. Temporary option Change HP can be selected if you want to transfer the eSIM number from your old cellphone to a new cellphone.

That way, make sure that your credit balance or credit limit is sufficient so that you can make the eSIM migration process smoothly. In addition, product delivery will be carried out after the order is validated and Smartfren receives payment confirmation for the transaction made.

Although eSIM is not as flexible as a physical SIM card that can be easily transferred to another cellphone, Smartfren also provides a solution with the eSIM Migration program to make the process more practical.

However, you do have to always pay an eSIM migration fee which might be a bit of a drawback compared to a physical SIM card. Those of you who are interested in buying a Smartfren eSIM starter card can also visit the nearest Smartfren Gallery.

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