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Easy! This is how to download IG stories via the link

Gadgtren – Story is a feature of Instagram (IG) that allows users to share precious moments in the form of short videos or photos for 24 hours.

Stories are also easy to find by Instagram users because they are usually placed at the very top of the Home page so that not a few people will be curious to see what Stories are there.

But there are times when you are also very interested in short videos or photos uploaded by Stories from other users so you want to download them so that they can be used as references and viewed offline.

Unfortunately Instagram does not provide a built-in feature that can be used to download Stories directly. However, you can copy the link from the Story you want to save and download it via a third-party site, such as iGram.

With the help of this third-party site, you can easily download Instagram Stories and then save them to your cellphone, laptop, or other device.

How to Download IG Story Via Link

  • Open the Instagram app and log in to the account
  • On page Home, select Story ywant to download
  • Press the button Send berikon paper plane
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, press the button Copy Link berikon rantai
  • Visit iGram site via a browser like Chrome
  • On page main site iGram, Paste the copied link in the column provided
  • Press the button download
    Instagram - Download Story Link - 1
  • You will see short video preview or picture on the iGram site
  • If that is true, then press the button Unduh .mp4 when the story is in the form of a short video
  • Then press the button Options berikon three dots
  • Press the button Download down arrow icon
  • Wait until the download process is complete
    Instagram - Download Story Link - 2

In addition, you can press the Download button [ukuran piksel] for example Download 1334 px when the downloaded Story is an image.

Even though there are several stories, the link to the story will be the same if uploaded on the same day. That way, the iGram site will immediately display all short video previews and images contained in the Story so that we can download it immediately.

You could say this is practical because we don’t need to copy links one by one if we want to download several short videos or photos that appear in Story on the same day.

Actually, not only the iGram site can help you download Story with a link because there are other services that you can try. That way, you can switch to another site if iGram is having problems.

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