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Easy! Here’s How to Share Spotify Song Lyrics to Instagram Stories

Gadgetren – It is undeniable that Spotify now it has become one of the music streaming services that is widely used by people in Indonesia to enjoy their favorite songs.

This service can be downloaded and used for free on a number of platforms, from mobile phones, tablets to computers. There is also a premium subscription option if you want to listen to music to the fullest.

The collection of songs on Spotify is also very complete where you can listen to various genres. It also includes podcast content that can be enjoyed while working, studying, exercising, and other activities.

The features that Spotify offers to users are getting more and more complete here. The service is now even able to display the lyrics of the song being played so that we can sing along.

We can also share the lyrics of the song that is currently playing on various social media platforms. One of them is to Instagram Stories where you can do it by following the steps in the following explanation.

How to Share Spotify Song Lyrics to Instagram Stories

  • Open the Spotify app
  • Find and play the song whose lyrics you want to share on Instagram
  • Go to the lyrics section of the song
  • Tap the button Share
  • Select the line of lyrics you want to share then click it Share again
  • Set the view by tapping the button Alignment and Color
    How to Share Spotify Song Lyrics to Instagram - 1
  • If you have set it, don’t forget to click Save
  • After the display is appropriate, click the button Share again
  • Select the menu Instagram Stories
    How to Share Spotify Song Lyrics to Instagram - 2
  • In the Instagram Stories editing menu, edit again by adding stickers or writing if needed
  • Share by tapping Your Story or Close Friends according to the needs

Apart from Instagram Stories, the lyric sharing feature on the Spotify service also supports several other social media such as Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook Stories. We can use it in almost the same way.

Those of us who haven’t subscribed to Spotify Premium just need a little patience. Because the song will not play immediately rather randomly from the playlist, we may need to wait for some other content to play first.

In addition, not all songs on the Spotify service have lyrics so they won’t appear or can even be shared on Instagram Stories or other social media when they’re playing.

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