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Easy and Fast OPPO A31 Screenshot Ways to Capture Screen

Gadgetren – OPPO A31 is one of the middle class cellphones from OPPO which has many features to support the daily routine of its users.

On OPPO A31you can take screenshots easily with various methods ranging from using physical button combinations, Gestures with three fingers on the screen, or Quick Settings.

Usually screenshots are done to be show appropriate to others. Not infrequently too, usually the results of these screenshots are used as evidence or tutorials.

Cara Screenshot OPPO A31

Via Physical Key Combination

  • Unlock the screen and go to the Home Screen page
  • Find the area to take as screenshot
  • Hold down the button Volume Down + Power simultaneously
  • Wait until the screen has flashed and the shutter sound is heard
  • The screenshot has been taken
  • You can open the screenshot in the app Photos or My Files

Almost all average Android phones can support this physical key combination to take screenshots. But it should be noted that you should not use this combination often because the Power button has a vital function.

The more often the Power button is pressed, then of course it can reduce its lifespan so it will be difficult to turn on or turn off the OPPO A31 one day if it is damaged. For this reason, you should use the alternative provided by OPPO.

Via 3-Finger Gesture

  • App access Settings and select menu Convenience Aid
  • Select the menu Gesture & Motion and activate the menu 3-Finger Screenshot
  • Select the area to be screenshot
  • Swipe or screen sweep from above the down with three fingers together
  • The flashing screen and the sound of the shutter sound indicate that the screenshot has been successfully taken
  • The screenshot results can be viewed through the application Photos or My Files

You could say how to activate the 3-finger gesture is very easy. Moreover, to use this feature, there is no need to use physical buttons where you simply touch your finger to the screen which can be done quickly.

Not only using fingerprints, you can also take advantage of the various buttons that are available in Quick Settings. Usually this menu is hidden right at the top of the cellphone.

Melalui Quick Settings

  • Select the area to capture the screen
  • Swipe the screen from top to bottom with one finger
  • After menu Quick Settings appears, select button Screenshot
  • The screen will flash and a shutter sound is heard
  • Screenshot successfully taken
  • You can create apps Photos or My Files to see the results

You could say the method with Quick Settings is also quite easy to do because you only need to use the Screenshot button that is present on the menu. Moreover, usually Quick Settings are also often accessed if you want to activate other features on your cellphone.

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