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Don’t Dizzy! This is how to solve the Google Play Store Cannot Download Applications

Gadgetren – We all know that the Google Play Store is a store service to make it easier for Android-based mobile phone users to get applications from various developers.

Not only supporting applications, the Google Play Store also provides activity applications, maps, games, sports, document editors, presentations, and many more that can be selected as needed.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t find apps on the Google Play Store all of a sudden which is confusing. To overcome this, then you can see the solution as follows.

How to Overcome Play Store Can’t Download

1. Check Internet Connection

There are times when the internet connection is unstable or slow, the Google Play Store cannot experience problems downloading applications. You can also look for a WiFi network with a more stable internet connection as a solution.

But if it’s hard to find a WiFi network, maybe you can ask family, friends, or other people with a cellphone that has a smooth connection to do tethering so that the network you get is better.

2. Set Downloads to All Networks

Sometimes the Google Play Store has been set to only be able to download on a WiFi network. When you download the application, it turns out that there is no WiFi network around but there is still a network from the cellular operator.

You set the Google Play Store application to be downloaded on all networks so that later you can use both cellular and WiFi networks. You can see how this is done:

  1. Open Google Play Store on mobile
  2. On the main page, select menu Account the icon profile picture at the top right
  3. On menu popup that appears, select menu Settings
  4. Select Network preferences
  5. Next, select Over any network in section App download preference

If you have activated this setting, then the application can then be downloaded from the Google Play Store when using a cellular network or a WiFi network.

3. Make sure the time on the cellphone is correct

When the cellphone time does not match the actual time, it automatically cannot download applications from the Google Play Store. This is a preventive measure from Google so that the device does not experience problems due to the timing not being in accordance with the existing one.

You should also activate the Automatically Set Date & Time feature so that the system automatically sets the time according to the date and time at that time.

  • Open the app Settings on mobile
  • In column Search at the top, type keywords Date & Time
  • Press Enter
  • Activate Automatically Set Date & Time

4. Provide Storage Capacity

When the internal storage capacity of the cellphone runs out, the system will automatically not allow applications to be installed from the Google Play Store.

This is because the system has calculated it and provides sufficient space so that the cellphone can continue to run as it should. You should also delete or move some files in order to increase the phone’s internal storage capacity.

You can also delete some applications that are not important or are considered to take up a lot of capacity. After you provide more spacious internal storage space, then you can try downloading applications from the Google Play Store again.

5. Restart Mobile

When the cellphone is used for a long time, sometimes the operating system experiences a problem, including being unable to download applications from the Google Play Store.

We recommend that you restart your cellphone periodically to refresh the system so that it returns to normal. After the restart process is complete, you can try to download the application again on the Google Play Store.

6. Clear Google Play Store Data and Cache

Even though the Google Play Store is made by Google, it doesn’t escape from various problems that can even cause applications to not be downloaded, making you annoyed.

So that the Google Play Store looks like new again, you can clear cache and data through settings.

  • Open the app Settings
  • Find and select the menu Apps or App Management
  • Search apps Google Play Store
  • On page App infoaccess Storage usage
  • Do Clear cache or Clear data according to the needs

Usually after doing this, the Google Play Store will return to its original state as if it was run for the first time.

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