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Don’t Be Confused First! Here’s How to Turn Off and Restart OPPO Reno8

Gadgetren – On the ColorOS 12 operating system based on Android 12 or above, by default the button combination to turn off and restart the cellphone is different from the previous generation.

Because they are already using ColorOS 12, OPPO Reno8 is the same, so some users feel confused about turning off and restarting the device because they can usually hold down the Power button.

Now on OPPO Reno8, you have to use the Power and Volume Up button combination simultaneously to be able to turn off and restart the device. This was chosen by OPPO to prevent the cellphone from suddenly turning off due to accidentally long holding the Power button.

How to Turn Off and Restart Oppo Reno8

Power Button + Volume Up Combination

  • Go to page Home Screen on OPPO Reno8
  • Press the button Power and Volume Atas
  • On page Power Menu, will appear Slider to choose Restart or Power Off
  • Slide button up to restart
  • Or slide button down to turn off Reno8
    OPPO Reno8 - Restart Power Off

When you select the Restart menu, the cellphone will be deactivated first and automatically turn on again. Usually a restart is done to return the problematic system to work as before.

Meanwhile, when you want to turn off the OPPO Reno8, you can directly select the Power Off button. Later to turn on this cellphone, you can press the Power button for a few seconds.

But if you think this button combination is a hassle, you can actually change the function in accessing the Power Menu by holding down the Power button if you want.

Hold Power Button

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO Reno8
  • Select the menu System settings
  • Next select menu Power Button
    OPPO Reno8 - Tahan Power - 1
  • Select the menu Press and hold the power button
  • Choose an option Power menu in section Select The Function
    OPPO Reno8 - Tahan Power - 2
  • Next, you can try holding down the button Power for a while to bring up Power menu
  • Then press the button Slider up for Restart or down to Power Off

It seems OPPO also understands that some people will not immediately get used to using the new key combination to restart or power off. Therefore, the old option is still provided so that it can be returned via settings.

Then when pressing the Power button for a long time, OPPO Reno8 will not just turn off because it is still given access to the Power Menu page first so that it can restart or turn off the device.

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