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Do Not Disturb Mode Enables WhatsApp to Be More Silent Call Notifications

The Gadget – WhatsApp lately it provides frequent updates for its app. One of them is currently testing the do not disturb (DND) feature for the Beta version of WhatsApp on Android.

This information itself does not come from the official WhatsApp but from Wabetainfo blog site which discusses the latest leaked WhatsApp features.

But you need to know that this feature has not been officially released by WhatsApp and is still in beta testing. Therefore the do not disturb feature for WhatsApp is mostly used by modified WhatsApp users which is not official.

If the DND feature is activated, then we will not be able to receive or send messages so we cannot receive or make phone and video calls. In addition, when DND is active, the airplane icon will remove the strikethrough.

To deactivate it again, we have to tap on the airplane icon and it will change with the airplane sign along with the strikethrough. Meanwhile the DND feature which has been tested by the official WhatsApp Beta version for Android according to Wabetainfo will allow users to not be able to receive phone and video calls.

It is not yet known whether it is also unable to receive messages or send messages. The Beta version of the DND feature will reportedly be activated via the Settings menu. When the DND feature is activated, calls that have been made will include Silenced by Do Not Disturb information in the WhatsApp call history.


That way users can know that the DND feature on WhatsApp Beta has been activated. The WhatsApp Beta DND feature will start rolling out on November 11, 2022 and can be enjoyed by WhatsApp Beta users for Android

Through this test, WhatsApp is likely to receive feedback from WhatsApp Beta users and will provide optimizations. After that, maybe in the future it will start pouring out to all users through the final version.

But of course this feature is still in a different stage so it might indeed be launched or not depending on WhatsApp’s decision later after testing.

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