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Disturbed? This is the Cause of Striped Mobile Screen and How to Make Sure

Gadgetren – The screen is one of the most important parts for cellphones today. Most devices rely on this component for operation.

So it can be a pretty serious problem when our cellphone screen has a problem. We will at least be busy looking for the causes and how to overcome them so that we can return to normal.

The screen suddenly streaks is among the cases that often occur by some smartphone users on various types of panels. Although in this case, the shape is quite diverse because it can vary from color, position, size, to the type of disturbance.

Solving the problem of streaky screen is certainly not an easy thing for everyone. Each case can have a different cause so that it will require different solutions according to the problems experienced.

In general, streaky screen problems can be caused by many things ranging from the software or hardware of the cellphone. Some of them can be seen in detail in the following explanation.

Causes of Striped Mobile Screen

Problematic application or operating system

One of the problems with the sudden streaking of the cellphone screen is that the software, whether it’s an application or an operating system, is having problems. Ranging from development bugs to version discrepancies between the two can be the trigger for this problem.

To check it, we can use the screenshot feature of the cellphone used. Then after that try to compare the results by viewing the image on another device.

If the line appears in the screenshot, then you can be sure that the problem is caused by an application or operating system that is not running properly.

To solve this problem is fortunately a little easier because we can do an update, reinstall, downgrade, or factory reset the cellphone as a solution that can be tried.

Excessive Component Temperature

If it turns out that the screenshot image looks normal on another cellphone, it’s possible that the problem is on the hardware side. One of them can be triggered because the device is often exposed to excessive heat or cold.

Extreme temperatures will usually result in artifacts such as streaky screens. Excessive heat generated by mobile phone components, for example, can cause expansion of the glass layer used so that some parts of the panel are attracted and damaged.

Lines that appear on the screen can also be a sign of damage to the panel. Try pressing it carefully, it will usually recover for a while if the problem occurs due to expansion.

Replacing the panel is certainly the only permanent solution to this problem. If you can, it’s better to prevent this from happening by not using your cellphone in the hot sun or in too cold conditions.

In addition, it also reduces playing games, especially while charging the battery to stop using the device when it feels hot and wait for it to cool down again to avoid unwanted problems.

Connector Or Cable Not Connected

In addition to excessive temperatures, mobile phone screen problems with stripes can also be caused by connection problems between the panel and the main component board. For example, caused by a broken flexion cable or connector detached either intentionally or not.

Cases like this usually occur after the cellphone has been dropped or has changed screen components. To be sure, there is no other way than we need to take the device to a service center or someone who is more skilled.

But before going there, you shouldn’t forget to back up your data like when you want to buy a new device just in case.

It can also be done to reset the cellphone to a factory condition as an anticipation so that personal files are safe and not misused while being repaired.


The case of striped cellphone screens can also be caused by the service life of the panels used. Any electronic component will experience a decrease in performance if used continuously, especially after a long time.

This decrease in ability sometimes does not occur simultaneously but slowly little by little. That’s why it can cause artifacts such as lines on the screen because that part of the panel is no longer working optimally while others are still normal.

But over time, the screen problem will expand until the screen is completely dead or damaged. However, it is possible that sometimes the screen will remain like that. Of course you need to be prepared to repair if you find these signs.

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