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Disturbed? This is how to remove or uninstall the Funmax application on a Xiaomi cellphone

Gadgetren – Various kinds of strange activities have appeared on a number of devices made by Xiaomi after a mysterious application called Funmax installed itself suddenly without the user’s consent.

Starting from the phone screen lock can open by itself, applications start to close randomly, until the device’s performance starts to slow down, including some of these strange activities.

The emergence of Funmax can therefore be quite disturbing for some users. Although in this case, the case can be different for each device where there are even normal ones.

Plus, Funmax has properties that are very similar to bloatware or mobile phone default applications in general. So we can not immediately delete or uninstall just like that.

We therefore need to use a number of tricks to remove or uninstall the Funmax application which can be different for each device. Those of you who are curious can listen to some of them as follows.

How to Delete the Xiaomi Funmax App

Using the Uninstall Updates feature

  • Go to page Settings
  • Open section Apps
  • Select Manage Apps
  • Search apps Funmax
  • Click the application
  • Tap the button Force Stop
  • Tap the button Uninstall updates
  • Click OK if a confirmation window appears

Using the uninstall update feature can be one of the easiest ways to remove Funmax from Xiaomi phones. By doing so, this service should no longer be visible in the application list.

It’s just that unfortunately this applies for a while. If the device is still connected to internet service and the automatic update system is on, then Xiaomi can install the update again at any time.

To delete permanently, then we also need to try another method. One of them takes advantage of the debugging mode that is basically on every Android phone.

Utilize Debugging Mode

Debugging mode is a feature in developer options that actually serves to test, identify, and fix problems in the lines of code for developing an application or service.

Besides being able to be used to carry out the testing process, this mode can also be used to delete the default applications on Xiaomi phones. Including to uninstall Funmax which is actually a part of it.

But to use debugging mode, we can’t be careless. Not only does it require special equipment such as a computer or LADB application if you want to do it directly on one device, but it should also be done by someone who knows how to use it.

On the other hand, we can also delete the default applications on Xiaomi phones by rooting. It’s just that there are some risks that threaten when using this method, especially if it is done by someone who is quite layman.

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