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Difference between iOS 15 and iOS 16 – Are you sure you don’t want to upgrade?

Gadgetren – In September 2022, Apple officially launched iOS 16 system update publicly after introducing it at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference).

The new generation operating system is now also available for download. We in this case can check the availability of iOS 16 through the page, Settings > General > Software updates then knock Install Now to install it.

As an update, iOS 16 certainly brings a number of improvements and adjustments. Here are some of the differences offered by this new generation of operating systems when compared to iOS 15 which was launched before.

Difference between iOS 15 and iOS 16

Lock Screen

The lock screen is a big change brought by iOS 16 when compared to the previous generation, including iOS 15 in it. Apple’s newest mobile operating system is because it offers customization support.

Unlike iOS 15, we can now add widgets to change the text and color of the writing. We can even use different screen orientations where not only vertical but also horizontal.

Differences iOS 15 and iOS 16 - 1

Equally interesting, iOS 16 now allows us to make more than one lock screen setting. We can also change it easily, such as changing the watch face on a smart bracelet or watch.

Fashion Focus

First introduced via iOS 15, Focus, which allows the iPhone to switch to a certain mode according to user activity, also brings a number of things quite differently to iOS 16. One of these supports can now be linked to the lock screen.

Differences between iOS 15 and iOS 16 - 2

So later changing the lock screen can become a trigger to activate one of the desired focus modes. This is of course more practical because we don’t need to open our cellphone when we want to change it.

Focus mode triggers are now also more diverse on the iOS 16 operating system. Not only through the lock screen, we can also set the activation of this feature based on location, time or the application that is running.

In addition, the filtering system that can be used is even better. We can now even arrange applications or content based on the focus mode used. For example, Safari will only show work-related tabs when using Work Focus.


Through iOS 16, Apple also brings a number of new support for the iMessage application. These include the option to edit the message up to five times before 15 minutes or even cancel it if two minutes have not passed.

Differences iOS 15 and iOS 16 - 7

The iMessage application now also has SharePlay support which allows users to share music or movies to be enjoyed together. In iOS 15, this can only be done by making a FaceTime call.

Support for recovering messages that were deleted before 30 days is also available in iMessage iOS 16. In this new application there is also a feature to mark all conversations as Unread.


Apple also improved Photos via iOS 16. Compared to iOS 15, this application now has a number of new supports, such as locking or hiding albums, double photo detection, and turning off featured content.

There is also a new feature called iCloud Photo Library, which is a support that allows iPhone users to share photo libraries with family members. It can even run automatically since we take pictures with the Camera application.

Fitur Live Text

Apple is also bringing improvements to the Live Text feature which can be used to copy from a file. If iOS 15 only supports images, iOS 16 now improves it by adding the ability to detect text in videos.

Differences iOS 15 and iOS 16 - 4

The Live Text feature is now also equipped with Quick actions that can be accessed directly. So we can more easily, for example, convert currency or translate text from successfully scanned text.


Safari has also received increased support via iOS 16. For example, the feature of translating web pages into Indonesian, which was not previously available on iOS 15, can now be used by users in Indonesia.

The default iOS browser now also supports Shared tab groups. So we not only create tab groups like iOS 15, but also share them so others can view or edit them if needed.

There are also synchronization features such as Extension syncing and Website Settings syncing which can make it easier for users to manage the Safari browser on various devices they have.

Apart from the several differences in a number of aspects above, iOS 16 also has a variety of new features that previously did not exist on iOS 15 such as the Freeform application. In the future it is even likely to be even more complete.

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