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Decathlon lowers the product that cannot be missing in your outdoor getaways


Thanks to this accessory available at a discounted price for a while at Decathlon, we can prepare all kinds of recipes outdoors without the need for coal, barbecue or electricity. It is perfect for camping days.

Going camping is no excuse not to prepare delicious dishes. Being outdoors should be the perfect excuse to eat the best dishes in the company of our loved ones. In this way, all kinds of outdoor activities are enjoyed much more. Now, thanks to this portable gas cooker from decathlonwhich has a 20% discount on its original price, we can meet the objective of spending quality time.

To find out if this portable stove is what you are looking for, below we are going to discover what features it has and what are the advantages of cooking with this type of portable gas stove, as opposed to a charcoal barbecue or an electric grill.

Features of Decathlon’s portable kitchen offer

This portable gas stove has a number of features that make it the ideal tool to use while camping or on a day trip. Being able to close like a briefcase and not having excessive weight, there is no excuse to carry it all day without it becoming uncomfortable.

The portable kitchen in discount at Decathlon
The portable kitchen in discount at Decathlon

On the other hand, it uses conventional gas cartridges, so economically it is also a good bet in the long run. The gas consumption of this Decathlon portable kitchen it’s really low, so each gas cartridge will last us a long time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the gas cartridge has extra protection to prevent any type of accidental overheating. The way to light it is through an electrical piece that creates the spark and proceeds to maintain the fire. Being made of stainless steel, this kitchen can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a little neutral soap if necessary.

Advantages of using a portable gas stove

If we plan to do some camping, it is very common to look for options when cooking, and it is important to have different types of food to enjoy on camping days. In this sense, the option of the portable gas stove of decathlon It is the best for several reasons that we will see.

Compared to an electric stove or a grill type grill, the gas stove is totally independent, that is, we do not need any plug to make it work. This is summed up in that having an extra gas cartridge to avoid surprises is more than enough for a camping time.

On the other hand, a traditional charcoal barbecue requires, precisely, charcoal. It is not an expensive element, but it is heavy and takes up a lot of space, plus we will need extra time to prepare the fire. On the other hand, Decathlon’s portable gas cooker it turns on at the touch of a button, so that’s all pluses.

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