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Confused? This is How to Overcome Screen Recording with No Sound

Gadgetren – Sharing the gameplay of a game or making a tutorial on how to use the features of an application is indeed the easiest if it’s done by recording its appearance.

Today’s cellphones, especially in general, are also equipped with a built-in screen recorder feature which is quite practical to use. Even if you don’t have it, now there are many third-party applications that also support it.

Even though it’s easy to do, unfortunately the activity of recording a cellphone screen sometimes isn’t as smooth as what we imagine. There are several problems that often arise when we do it.

Of the many problems that arise, there are even some that can be quite annoying. One of them includes not recording sound from games, applications, or ourselves.

How to handle it? For those of you who are experiencing this problem, here’s an explanation of some general steps that can be taken so that sound is also recorded when we use a screen recorder.

How to Overcome Screen Recording, No Sound

Check Audio Screen Recorder Settings

  • Go to page settings for Screen Recorder used
  • Search section Sound
  • Make sure the settings are not to options No sound or Mute
  • If it is set to that option, change it to media, systemor internal sound
  • Or change to options Mic if you want to record sound from a cellphone microphone
    Overcoming Screen Recording No Sound - 1

As far as I know, both the default mobile phone features and third-party screen reorder applications will generally be equipped with settings for audio. Sound may not appear when we record if one set this.

Keep in mind a little, each screen recorder has its own display interface. The naming and placement of the audio settings can also be different, so we need to adjust the steps above.

Check App Permissions

  • Enter page Settings cellphone
  • Open the menu Apps
  • Look for screen reorder application used
  • Tap on the app to open app info
  • Tap a section App permissions
  • Ensure permissions for Microphone given
    Overcoming Screen Recording No Sound - 2

Apart from checking the audio settings, we also need to make sure the necessary access permissions to record screen activity are granted. If the problem still occurs after changing it then we can reset it by using the clear application data function.

Check Microphone

Damage to hardware components can also be one of the reasons audio does not appear in recordings. One of them is a microphone that allows the screen reorder application to capture sound from outside.

To check the microphone, the easiest way is that we can try the voice recorder which is generally available on various cellphones. If this feature doesn’t work properly, then there may be a problem with the hardware component.

Install Other Apps

The last step, try using another screen reorder to record the screen display. Although rare, some applications or mobile phone features may not have support for sound.

One thing that can be tried in this case is XRecorder made by InShot. The application has many features that can help us record the screen which includes support for managing audio in it.

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