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choose a finger and the result will surprise you


Personality tests have more followers every day, but there are tests and tests that psychologically test not only your state of mind, but everything that encompasses your personality. On many occasions they tend to approach if they do not fully meet the mental objective of the test, which is none other than being able to discover another part of you and your way of being.

On this occasion, we bring a psychological test that every day is more capable of conquering more users in the social mediaand that are circulating through the networks like gunpowder.

Do not lose sight of what the available options are, and above all, do not forget to share it with your friends if it has been successful or, on the contrary, it moves away from what you think.

What is the psychological finger test about?

Do you know what this new test is about that will require the effort of your brain? Well, it is an illustration in which you can see different shapes of nails-

Specifically, there are six finger models, with different nail styles, of which we can choose only one and discard the remaining five.

Next you will have the option of being able to see each of the fingers that are proposed, where you have several very interesting alternatives.

test psychology brain mind head game
There are many options to choose from in this personality test, so choose well and let yourself be surprised by the results.
  1. A normal finger, with a square nail
  2. A finger with a thicker but shorter nail
  3. The third is a thinner and longer nail
  4. In the fourth option we find a round nail
  5. Oval shaped is the fifth nail
  6. And the sixth is shaped like a spatula

As you can imagine, you will not be able to change your first option and you must be guided by instinct, something as elemental as it is human that will help you in this personality test. Choose now.

What does each nail mean in the psychological finger test?

This personality test leaves a result for each participating nail, leaving clearly in view of all the psychology of those who responded. The results are given like this:

If you have taken the number 1, you are a calm, balanced person with a great mindset. They can be trusted. The 2 is usually chosen by witty and explosive people, but they can be jealous.

On the other hand, the 3 is more typical of selfish and opportunistic people, with a tendency to feel continually offended, while the 4 directly has a bad temper, but is very quick.

The 4 is one of the most demanding people that exist, while the 5 accounts for fragile and romantic souls with great ideals. Finally, number 6 is chosen by artists who tend to assume certain bipolarities. They hate losing and always want to succeed.

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