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CECOTEC robot vacuum cleaner with control from your mobile and Alexa, now reduced


CECOTEC continues to lead sales robot vacuum cleaner on amazon. Once again its star product, the CECOTEC Conga 1990 Connect maintains its leadership for its price and rating among users. With more than 17,000 positive reviews, this vacuum cleaner is a favorite of the company’s customers. Jeff Bezos.

In addition, the company maintains its discount in the Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner Conga 1990 Connected. The sale is 11% off staying at 159 euros and that you can get in this link from Amazo’s own websiten. This star cleaning robot with more than 12,800 positive reviews.

A 4in1 Conga model, 1400 Pa, with App Control, Alexa and Google Home, with Pet Brush, Smart Scrubbing and a 160-minute Autonomy that makes it a unique model for its quality price.

4 in 1 robot vacuum cleaner

A robot that sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs. Smart mopping with 3 levels suitable for all types of surfaces. 6 cleaning modes: Auto, Edges, Manual, Room, Spiral and Return to home. Programmable 24/7.

Cecotec 1990 Amazon
Cecotec 1990 Amazon

iTech Smart 2.0 technology for intelligent navigation. The robot vacuum automatically returns to the charging base. It adapts to your home, cleans under furniture, detects obstacles and avoids falling down the stairs.

17,000 positive reviews on Amazon

A detail to take into account before buying any product in amazon, is the opinions of other buyers about the product. On this occasion we found a product with a very positive opinion by the majority of its users.

Keep in mind that during the last holidays, the robot vacuum cleaner CECOTEC Conga They were sold until they were at a minimum. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to keep your home free of dirt and pet hair.

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