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Can You Make Money Writing on Fizzo Novels? Here’s the answer

Gadgetren – One of the reading applications that is now popular with young children, Fizzo Novel, also allows for short writing.

Fizzo Novel’s fame is growing and is being talked about by many people because they can read novels and can also become writers in one application.

There are no special conditions given by Fizzo Novel to register as readers and writers. Plus this application can be downloaded for free either through Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

In the Fizzo Novel application, we can read novels or fictional stories in various genres such as romance, adult, thriller, horror, mystery, modern life, fantasy, science fiction, teen fiction, young adults, and many more. However, to be able to join as a writer at Fizzo Novel, you have to be over 21 years old.

Fizzo Novel provides a policy that if you are under 21 years old, you must require confirmation and signature from your parent or guardian. Thanks to its fame, of course a question arises whether writing on Fizzo Novel can get money or royalties like book writers in general?

Can You Make Money Writing on Fizzo Novels?

Just like being the author of books or novels that are sold in bookstores, the Fizzo Novel application also offers exclusive contract to each registered author. Fizzo Novel itself is not only looking for experienced writers but also those just starting out.

Thus, writers who are just starting their careers can start with the Fizzo Novel application. What is certain is that writers at Fizzo Novel must write fictional stories in good and correct Indonesian language rules and want to continue learning to be the best writers.


The exclusive contract that Fizzo Novel offers is in the form of a bonus or royalty from the number of Novel characters created and a retention bonus for onward reading. The bonus value that Fizzo Novel provides is in US dollars ($) and is divided into two variants, an opening of $30 and retention.

When you start writing a story in Fizzo Novel, Fizzo will immediately give you a bonus as a reward for having the courage to start. This opening bonus is given if the author can survive the first 30,000 words which will be given at the end of the following month.

Apart from the opening bonus which only applies at the beginning, there is also a retention bonus which requires you to be able to write up to more than 70,000 words. This bonus will be given according to the percentage of finished reading of each number of basic words that the author has made each month.

This retention bonus also has a requirement that the number of book impressions has reached a minimum of 600 impressions. The exclusive contract has been effective since April 1, 2022.

Keep in mind that the exclusive contract given by Fizzo Novel is of course only intended for writers who have original works or do not contain plagiarism. If it is detected that the manuscript is proven to be plagiarism, then Fizzo Novel will not give an exclusive contract.

Apart from being able to get from exclusive contracts, Fizzo Novel will also share the results from advertising revenue. Any revenue earned on the script whether from advertising or other monetization will be shared with the author.

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