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Can You Look Back on Comments We Post on Other Accounts’ TikTok Videos?

Gadgetren – Comment feature on TikTok application service is a place to bring together content creators and their audience.

The comment feature also functions as a place for TikTok users to interact and communicate with each other, whether commenting on videos displayed on the For You page or discussing various other topics.

Each user is also free to comment on each other on every video they see as long as the comments feature is opened by the relevant content creator. But keep in mind also if you want to comment we also have to be careful in writing the words.

As a good user, you should also express your comments in polite words and don’t offend the video maker or other people which can cause discomfort among users.

If you have commented that feels like it could offend others, then it’s a good idea to delete the comment immediately so that it is not reported by the account owner or other users.

But to delete it, you also have to see or find comments on other people’s videos that can no longer be tracked. To look back at the comments we wrote on certain TikTok accounts, unfortunately TikTok basically does not provide this feature specifically.

However, we can still use some things to easily see the comments we have written on other people’s videos.

Alternative Solution To View Our Comments on Other People’s TikTok Videos

There are several methods that you can use to review comments that you have written on other people’s videos if you want to delete or maybe edit and repost. First, by using the video feature that we have given a Like.

The video collection feature that we have given a Like is available on the profile page along with the videos we make. But it should be noted that if you leave a comment and don’t tap the like button, then the video with your comment will not be found there.

That way, every time you want to comment, you must also give a Like so that the video appears and is easy to find through your profile page. Then the second can be by making a data request to TikTok. This feature itself, commonly known as Request Data, which was previously present in the Settings menu on the Privacy menu, can now be found under Manage Account.

In the Manage Account menu, you can request Request Data on the Download TikTok Data menu option because it contains requests for information related to profiles, activities, settings, notifications, and languages. Likewise for information related to commenting activities that you write on other people’s videos.

After making a Data Request, you can wait until the data is sent by TikTok and can be downloaded on the Download Data menu on the tab after Request Data. Then finally through the Watch History feature which is also available in the Settings and Privacy menu where this feature can be found.

After selecting the Watch History menu, you can find various videos that you have watched thoroughly in the sense that their duration has run out. This includes videos that you may have commented on.

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