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Can We Revisit View Once Messages That Have Been Opened on WhatsApp?

Gadgetren – To protect users’ personal data, WhatsApp is constantly developing and improving its service capabilities. One of them with a feature called view once.

As the name implies, the view once feature is designed so that we can send photos or videos at a time. The message that contains it will immediately disappear if it has been opened by the recipient only once.

This feature is perfect for sharing photos or videos that are very private. Apart from being only visible once, messages sent can’t be forwarded, saved, marked, or even re-shared.

Unlike ordinary messages, photos or videos sent with the view once feature will also not be saved to the device’s storage media. So it will no longer be accessible via the gallery or file manager.

Therefore, it is quite natural that the question arises, can we look back at the view once message on WhatsApp? The problem is that in some conditions we will need the contents back at a later date.

Can We Revisit View Once Messages Received on WhatsApp?

Let you not guess too long, the answer to this question is of course no. The view once feature was designed by WhatsApp for this. So there is no support that can be used to view it again.

Even if we try not to view the message first, photos or videos that use view once support will still be deleted after 14 days. So we must be wise when using this feature.

As the easiest solution, we can ask the sender to resend the desired photo or video. We may also need to request that the message be sent later without enabling the view once option if needed.

Alternatively, we can also take advantage of the screenshot or screen recorder feature of our cellphone. The method, of course, will be different for each device, some of which may even require assistance from third-party applications.

However, we still need to be wise when choosing these options. Keep in mind that someone who uses the view once feature may want to protect their personal data so that we should not use it carelessly.

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