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Benefits of consuming egg white for the heart


Eggs are a fundamental food in the life of any person, mainly due to their important nutritional content. In this sense, it is important to note that both the egg white and the yolk provide a high dose of proteins of high biological value.

Traditionally, the two parts of the egg have always been consumed together, both the white and the bud. However, in recent years the consumption of egg whites separately has become popular, due to the specific properties of this part of the egg.

This habit has increased so much that many supermarkets sell directly egg whites for consume. Although, some people choose to separate both parts of the egg themselves.

First of all, it is necessary to highlight that egg white is considered a unique source of protein, in addition to containing neither cholesterol nor fat. In this sense, it is an ideal healthy food to incorporate into the weekly diet.

Benefits of egg whites

On the other hand, egg whites are also rich in minerals and vitamins essential for health, such as vitamin B12, vitamin E, calcium, selenium, iron, potassium, folic acid or copper. It is recommended that children consume whole eggs or egg whites from an early age to promote growth.

Egg white benefits for the heart
Egg white benefits for the heart

Due to all these outstanding properties, the consumption of white of eggs on a regular basis has a beneficial effect on people’s health:

  • Provides satiety: It is high in protein and contains few calories, so it helps to satisfy your appetite and avoids the consumption of other types of food that cause greater weight gain.
  • It is beneficial for the heart: It does not provide cholesterol and helps reduce the risk of other health conditions such as diabetes.
  • Energy: It helps provide the energy the body needs to face the day.
  • Benefits for memory and vision: Different studies ensure that the choline content of egg white helps preserve memory and vision. However, it is necessary to clarify that this nutritional element is more present in the yolk.

Taking into account all the benefits of egg whites for health, we can affirm that it is an ideal food to incorporate regularly into our diet. Of course, it is not recommended to abuse its consumption.

The benefits for athletes

Typically, people who do physical exercise They regularly change certain lifestyle habits depending on the type of physical activity they perform. In this sense, it is appropriate for a nutrition specialist to establish a plan.

However, in most cases, the consumption of egg whites before training is highly recommended for athletes; and not only because of its high content of proteins of high biological value.

It is that in addition, this food provides the body with vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Likewise, we must not forget an unknown nutrient such as choline, which helps to delay fatigue during physical exercise, especially in endurance sports.

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