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An Alternative Way To Disable WhatsApp Calls To Not Disturb

Gadgetren – Until now, there is no special way that can be used to disable WhatsApp calls directly. It’s just that there are some tricks that can be tried if we don’t want to be disturbed.

The WhatsApp messaging service does have various kinds of support that can simplify the communication process between its users. The calling feature is also one of what it offers.

With this feature, we can be more practical when we need to contact someone. We can even find it easier to express what we want to convey than to put it in writing.

It’s just that on the receiving side, we can sometimes feel WhatsApp calls are really annoying. For example, when we want to focus on work, doing assignments, to just pampering ourselves by playing games or watching movies.

Although equipped with various kinds of support to simplify the communication process, the WhatsApp application unfortunately does not yet have a feature to disable calls. So we need to try the following two tricks as a solution.

Alternative Ways to Disable WhatsApp Calls

Temporarily Block Annoying WhatsApp Numbers

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Tap the button More options (three dots icon)
  • Select Settings
  • Enter the menu Account
    How to Disable WhatsApp Calls - 1
  • Open submenu Privacy
  • Find and click Blocked contacts
  • Tap Add in the top right corner
    How to Disable WhatsApp Calls - 2
  • Find and select the number you want to block

It should be noted carefully that blocked numbers will not be able to contact us regardless of the media used, be it text messages or calls. Therefore, if it’s still important, don’t forget to reopen it after the activity is complete.

Unblocking WhatsApp, the good news is that it’s also easy to do. We specifically just need to re-enter the Blocked contacts page using the same method as above, tap on the number in question, then confirm with the appropriate button.

In addition to blocking annoying numbers, an alternative way so we don’t get distracted is to turn off notifications. We can do this for the entire service or just for calls only.

Turn off WhatsApp Call Notification

  • Go to page Settings in the WhatsApp application like the previous method
  • Enter the menu Notifications
  • Scroll to section Calls
  • Tap option Ringtone
  • Change settings to Don’t set ringtone or Silent
    How to Disable WhatsApp Calls - 3
  • Confirm according to the button that appears

This way, we will still receive WhatsApp calls from all numbers as long as they are not blocked. It’s just that we will not be disturbed by the sound of the ringtone so that we can stay focused on the work or activity that we want to complete.

Just like the previous method, don’t forget to reset WhatsApp call notifications when the activity is finished. The method is the same as some of the steps above, except that we will later change the settings to the desired tone.

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