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a superfood for its great properties and health benefits


The aloe vera is a plant with medicinal properties that has been used for hundreds of years to treat different health issues. Health. However, aloe vera can also be understood as a foodor rather a superfood.

Actually, the important part of this plant is inside. It is a gelatinous area with a fleshy texture that has important moisturizing and healing properties. In fact, aloe vera is a star product in many cosmetic products.

In addition, it is also common for people to place the ‘meat’ of aloe vera directly on an affected area of ​​skin as a treatment. This and through lotions is the most common use of aloe vera.

Aloe vera is also a superfood

Although little is said in the field of aloe vera nutrition, we must not forget that it is also a superfood thanks to its properties and health benefits. One of the positive effects as a food is that it helps to stop constipation.

aloe vera burns
aloe vera

The virtues of aloe vera as a superfood lie mainly in its nutritional quality. It is a plant rich in vitamins and minerals. The presence of magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron or copper stands out; in addition to vitamin C, vitamins of Group B, vitamin E and folic acid.

Another important aspect is that it contains a large amount of water in its composition and contributes to hydrating the body.

In another order, it also generates a protective effect on the intestine and helps prevent constipation due to its grateful fiber content.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory capacity and its vitamin C content, it is a plant that helps strengthen the immune system. Although perhaps one of its most important characteristics is its alkaline effect on the body. That is, due to its alkaline action it balances the acidity

How can you eat?

Once you know the virtues of aloe vera as a superfood, you will surely wonder how to cook this plant or how it can be incorporated into the diet.

Given the qualities of this plant and its health benefits, some renowned chefs in Spain have not hesitated to incorporate it into their culinary preparations.

In this sense, in some establishments specializing in the trade of this plant it can be purchased already cut and perfectly prepared for use in the kitchen. Some of the most appropriate ways to incorporate them into the diet is through juices, juices, smoothies, creams, soups or salads.

It is true that aloe vera hardly has any flavor, although its consumption is more associated with the great benefits it generates in the body.

In addition, in recent years there has been a real ‘boom’ around aloe vera. Not only in the world of cosmetics or for its medicinal properties, but also important brands have developed food products.

Thus, in certain shops and supermarkets it is possible to find 100% pure juices with aloe vera, yogurts enriched with doses of this plant or food supplements. Although, you can also make a homemade recipe and incorporate this plant yourself.

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