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5 mistakes when preparing artichokes that prevent you from getting the most out of them


Many people think that artichokes are vegetables They do not have a great capacity for attraction, but nothing is further from reality. This vegetable is one of the more nutritious and with more vitamins market, but we must know how to choose and prepare them to get the most out of them.

Thus, artichokes have many properties and benefits that make them one of the food that without a doubt should be part of our weekly diet.

To know how to use them and keep them in an optimal state for consumption for a longer time, one of the things that we must take into account is to prevent them from turning black. And it is that if they get rusty we will have to discard them.

That has an easy fix, and that is that you only have to submerge them after peeling them in a container with water and a little parsley. You can also do if you have cut them into pieces. Parsley will prevent the oxidation of its leaves and you will be able to keep them perfect for longer.

But, in addition to this, it is also very important that you avoid the mistakes that we are going to tell you about below to ensure that your artichoke dishes are delicious for everyone.

Common mistakes that make your artichokes unprofitable

The artichokes are presented as a healthy food which can prevent skin aging. As well as the appearance of spots and wrinkles on the skin, and other related problems.

Mistakes to avoid to make your artichokes well
Mistakes to avoid to make your artichokes well

But, to achieve all this, you must make your artichokes are in perfect condition for consumption. Since you can really avoid some common mistakes that make them lose their benefits and that they are not appetizing to eat:

  1. Not cooking it properly in relation to the dish we are going to prepare. And that is essential so that the artichokes are perfect for each dish and with all the ingredients that we mix them.
  2. Do not keep them preserved with lemon or parsley to prevent them from oxidizing quickly
  3. Buy them frozen and not fresh, something that can make the job much easier but makes the artichokes lose all their flavor.
  4. Not integrating the flavors of all foods well in our dishes. That is, if we make artichokes with rice, we must cook all the ingredients well until the flavor has been impregnated.
  5. Do not keep them well in the fridge. It is best to do it in a plastic bag or an airtight container in a very cold place in the fridge.

We have no doubt that if you avoid making all these common mistakes you will make your dishes with artichokes much tastier and more appetizing. And it is that without a doubt achieving this is essential since we are going to provide the body with a large amount of nutrients with the regular intake of this vegetable.

What happens in the body if we eat artichokes every day?

As we have mentioned before, artichokes are a product that will really improve our health if we manage to eat them every day. So our body will appreciate that we incorporate this vegetable into many of our dishes.

On the other hand also contains many antioxidants that facilitate the activity of the cardiovascular system. With the decreased risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases that this entails.

But, as with everything, an excess in its consumption can also cause problems in some people with a more deteriorated state of health.

In this sense, a excessive consumption of artichokes can lead to a real stomach problem. And it is that the large amount of fiber that they contain can seriously damage the health of the digestive system.

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