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5 easy and original breakfasts to make at home


The breakfast It is one of those meals that always deserve time. And it is that our body, like every morning, is going to start working with the absorption of the food nutrients after fasting overnight.

For this reason, it is very important that what we choose to breakfast be healthy and does not contain a large amount of fats and sugars. Since this can make our body not activate in the correct way and act badly throughout the day.

Thus, we can have breakfast in such a way that we avoid altering the blood glucose levels of the organism. Since this can pose a danger both for diabetics and for healthy people who a priori do not have any health problems.

One of the foods that cannot be missing in any healthy breakfast self-respecting, are fruits and vegetables. For example, eating a piece of apple or orange will make our body start its activity in a very appropriate way.

But, in addition, we can make easy and original breakfasts without forgetting to take care of our health. Like, for example, some of the ones that we are going to show you below.

Original healthy breakfasts to make at home

If you want to elaborate healthy breakfasts as well as original at home, it is best that you opt for these recipes which we are going to show you next. With them, you can make the best breakfasts to start the day and surprise all your friends and family.

Healthy and original breakfast ideas to surprise your family
Healthy and original breakfast ideas to surprise your family

Fresh cheese toast with avocado and walnuts

This is one of the easiest vegetarian options for those who love healthy food. You just have to put a little fresh cheese (or any other to your liking), avocado and a few nuts on a toast of the bread that you liked the most. In addition, you can also add some jam to it, although this will not make it as healthy.

Greek yogurt with strawberries and muesli

In this case, this breakfast will include both cereals rich in fiber and some delicious strawberries that will provide you with many antioxidants. Also, Greek yogurt is one of the best natural probiotics for your digestive system and gut health.

Toast with salmon, cheese and spinach

If you are a lover of breakfasts salty, this is one of the most nutritious that you will be able to taste. Choose the cheese that you like the most and combine it with some salmon and fresh spinach. A healthy and delicious breakfast that will make you start the morning with a lot of energy.

Cup with natural yogurt, mixed fruit and peanuts

Natural yogurt, like Greek yogurt, is a natural probiotic that will protect your stomach from any substance that is going to harm your health. For this reason, having a good yogurt for breakfast combined with delicious fruits and some dried fruit is one of the healthiest ways to start your mornings.

Pancakes with homemade strawberry jam and red berries

Pancakes are the best American breakfast foods. And it is that without a doubt, these breads are very nutritious and we can even make them without sugar. Also, if we combine them with fruits or homemade jams and some red fruits we will be having a very healthy breakfast.

In fact, pancakes can be mixed with endless healthy foods that make them one of the most complete breakfasts that we can eat every day. And it is that they are very versatile and we can eat them both sweet and salty.

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