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3 Ways to Secure Important Data on OPPO Reno8 T with Privacy Features

Gadgetren – To maintain user privacy, OPPO has presented various features that can secure important data on the Reno8 T.

The data security feature that is present in ColorOS 13 on the Reno8 T comes with three different sections including Private Safe, App lock and Hide apps. Private Safe allows users to hide data so that it cannot be accessed by anyone who does not have permission.

Data that can be hidden with the Private Safe feature is then divided into four categories consisting of Images and videos, Audio, Documents, and Other Files. With this folder separation, of course, it makes it easier for users to find hidden data by category.

The Images and video folder allows users to hide photos and videos. Then Audio will contain sound data both recordings, songs, conversations, and others that have been hidden.

The Documents category is usually a hiding place for document data such as doc, docx, pdf, and others. Then Other Files is used to hide data that does not enter from the three categories of folders.

However, before you can do this, the Private Safe feature on the Reno8 T must first be activated via the menu available on the Settings page.

Enable Private Safe Feature

How to Move Data to Private Safe

  • On the page Private Safefour categories will be shown.
  • For example select Images and video.
    OPPO - Active Private Safe - 6
  • Press the button Add berikon + at the bottom right
    OPPO - Active Private Safe - 7
  • Select the desired photo or video.
  • Press the button Set as Private in the below section.
    OPPO - Active Private Safe - 8
  • Next, the photo or video will go into the folder Images and video Of Private Safe.

Once a photo or video has been placed in the Private Safe, it will no longer appear for viewing in the Photos, My Files, or File Manager apps. To be able to access it again, you have to open Private Safe on the Privacy page in the Settings menu.

To visit the Privacy page, of course you can follow the steps above again. To open Private Safe, you will need a security code, password, pattern, PIN, or fingerprint that has been created.

After entering the Images and video folder, you can select the photos or videos that have been entered. To make it appear as usual again just press the button Set as public so that it can be seen in the Photos and My Files applications.

Turning to other features, there is an App lock which makes it possible to lock predetermined applications so that when opened they must use the password, PIN, or pattern that has been made.

If you have previously specified a security code in the Private Safe, then the lock is activated directly for use in App lock and Hide Apps.

Lock Apps with App Lock

  • App access Settings.
  • Select the menu Privacy.
    OPPO - Privacy Menu Set
  • In section Privacyselect the menu App lock.
    OPPO - App Lock Access
  • Enter the security code that was created.
  • Press the button toggle App lock to activate the lock feature.
    OPPO - App Lock on -1
  • Next, press the button toggle one by one the application you want to lock to the active position.
    OPPO - App Lock on - 2
  • Press the button Home to return to Home Screen
  • Later, every time you open an application that has been locked, you will be asked for a security code

Of course, the App Lock feature is suitable for those who want important applications not to be accessed by just anyone. Meanwhile, if one day you want to disable application locking, you can immediately follow similar steps and press the toggle button on the application that is locked to the off position.

Hide Apps from App Drawer

Now the hidden application will no longer be visible on the Home Screen or Drawer. To be able to view the application again, you must type the access code #0011# through the Phone or Phone application.

You are free to determine the access code number according to your taste, up to a maximum of 16 digit numbers accompanied by hashtags on the front and back, for example #0235484845654383#.

OPPO - Hide active apps - 5

Of course, to disable hiding this application, you can return to using the same steps and press the toggle button on the hidden application to the off position.

With the presence of these three features, the privacy and security of OPPO Reno8 T users is more maintained. So, those of you who are interested in owning this device can buy it in Indonesia at a price of IDR 4,899,000.

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