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3 ways to check the age of your Telkomsel card so you know how long it’s been used

Gadgetren – Knowing the age of a Telkomsel card is sometimes really necessary. The problem is that some of their services are only available for old numbers.

The Emergency Package, which can be a solution when we run out of credit or data packages in critical conditions, is one example. This product requires that the card is at least two months old (60 days) in order to activate it.

What’s more, numbers that have been active for a long time usually also have the opportunity to get special packages or special programs from Telkomsel. The state-owned operator often uses it to determine the priority of promo recipients.

Checking the age of the Telkomsel card, the good news is that it’s very easy to do. In this case, there are several ways we can try, including using the USSD service, the web, or the MyTelkomsel application.

The availability of Telkomsel card age checking methods can only vary for each number. We can also try it one by one until we find a way that can be used.

How to Check Telkomsel Card Age

1. Via USSD

  • Open dialpad.
  • Type in USSD code *999# to check the age of the card.
  • Press the button Call.
  • Wait until the Telkomsel service is connected.
  • Select an option Other from the menu that appears until you find another Service
    How to Check Telkomsel Card Age - 1
  • Select the menu Other services.
    How to Check Telkomsel Card Age - 2
  • Select an option Check Card Age.
    How to Check Telkomsel Card Age - 3
  • Wait for a reply regarding the age of the card.

It should be noted that operating the service via USSD does not support direct screen touches. In order to select a menu or an option in it, we need to type the appropriate number into the field inside and then tap on the button Send.

The method of checking card age via USSD is also quite limited. Not all numbers can use it, so we need to use other methods if we still want to get related information.

2. Through the Web

  • Visit the page via browser.
  • Tap the virtual assistant menu Veronika.
    How to Check Telkomsel Card Age - 4
  • Enter the name according to the KTP then click Start.
    How to Check Telkomsel Card Age - 5
  • Type “Check Card Age” then send.
    How to Check Telkomsel Card Age - 6
  • Reply with the number you want to check if prompted.
  • Also verify with the OTP code sent via SMS to the number concerned.

Apart from using the web, checking the age of Telkomsel cards with virtual assistant Veronika can also be done via the MyTelkomsel application. Here are the steps you can take to do this.

3. Via MyTelkomsel

  • Run the MyTelkomsel application.
  • Login with your Telkomsel number then verify if asked.
  • On the home page, tap menu Help Center (headphone icon) in the upper right corner.
    How to Check Telkomsel Card Age - 7
  • Choose Veronika’s virtual assistant.
    How to Check Telkomsel Card Age - 8
  • Write “Check Card Age” then Send.
    How to Check Telkomsel Card Age - 9

As we know, using the MyTelkomsel application can indeed be the most practical and easy way to enjoy Telkomsel services. This includes us being able to more quickly access Veronika’s virtual assistant to check the age of the card.

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