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3 quick and easy dessert recipes with candied fruit


Candied fruit is an ingredient that we can easily incorporate into any dessert that we want to make. And it is that if we are lovers of very sweet fruit, this can spice up any easy recipe that you want to prepare at home.

The process of elaboration of this product based on natural fruit It is very long, but it is worth it since it makes the fruit last longer intact.

If we talk about candied fruit we are talking about subjecting it to cooking in syrup and letting it dry. This will cause the fruit to lose all its moisture since it loses all the water it has inside.

The most beneficial thing about submitting to the fruit This process is that we will be able to enjoy it in a form suitable for consumption for a longer period of time. Although, in parallel, we are also incorporating much more sugar so it’s not that healthy.

In any case, with it we can easily prepare desserts at home with very quick recipes and simple ones that mix candied fruit with other delicious products.

So you can combine candied fruit to make delicious desserts

No doubt the candied fruit It will make your desserts more original than if you do not add this food. Although it is true that it will provide them with a little more sugar, the truth is that we will also be taking advantage of the benefits of eating this healthy food.

Candied fruit can be the ideal complement for your desserts
Candied fruit can be the ideal complement for your desserts

Next, we are going to see some of the best ways to combine this fruit with an easy and quick recipe to prepare.

Candied fruit with Greek yogurt and walnuts

This is a very simple dessert to make, since you only need to have candied fruit, natural yogurt and a handful of nuts on hand. This dried fruit will give the mixture a perfect crunchy touch to give our dessert a better texture.

Biscuits with candied fruit

In this case, we only have to make the cookie dough so that it is well homogeneous and molded. And, in the last step, add these fruits cut into pieces. Then, we put in the oven and let cook until they are well done.

This is one of the richest ways to make cookies, since you are also going to add the extra candied fruit that will give it an original flavor and all the properties of the fruit.

Cupcake with candied fruit

Cupcakes became fashionable a few years ago and today we can find a large number of alternatives. In this case, this recipe is very easy since we will make the dough for the cupcakes, and, in the same way that we did with the cookies, we will add the candied fruit in the last step.

Can diabetic people add candied fruit to their diet?

As we have mentioned before, the candied fruit It is one of the ones that has the most sugar. Since they are introduced for a long period of time in syrup and all the water they contain is eliminated naturally.

For this reason, diabetic people should moderate the consumption of this type of artificially processed fruit with large amounts of sugar. And it is that without a doubt, this could be avoided if they prefer to improve their diet.

For this reason, a good alternative for candied fruit in these cases is dehydrated or dried fruit. Since we are going to get the same texture, but eliminating the large amount of sugar that it contains.

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