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3 Mercadona beauty products that are successful in their stores due to their effectiveness


Mercadona has products that is really worth trying, since they have ingredients that make them very good quality. In addition, their prices are quite affordable and they have a beauty line that devastates their stores.

And there is no doubt that this supermarket is one of the best-selling, because it has a good value for money that has conquered even the most demanding.

In this sense, his Perfumery and Cosmetics section It is one of the ones that receives the most compliments from customers who choose to try its products. And it is that it has some in its catalog that are really worth trying and knowing if they really meet our expectations.

From moisturizing creams for the body, to anti-aging creams or hair serums. Mercadona has a wide range of beauty products They certainly manage to do what they promise.

Next, we are going to see some of the products that this supermarket sells under the Deliplus brand. And that they will undoubtedly be worth it for the price they are worth and for the great criticism they have had over the years.

Mercadona beauty products that sweep every year

And it is that every year Mercadona launches new Cosmetic products to continue reaching more public over the years. And it is that in addition to its food, its creams and cosmetic and perfumery products are also widely accepted.

Mercadona's oatmeal water is one of its best-selling beauty products
Mercadona’s oatmeal water is one of its best-selling beauty products

In this case, we are going to talk about some of the most outstanding and those that are really worth trying:

Dermik oatmeal water

This oatmeal water that Mercadona has been selling for several years now, has become essential in the lives of many people who are looking for an affordable and quality tonic. Its uses are very varied: from moisturizing the face before makeup, to a product that refreshes the skin or a makeup fixer.

Gel eyeliner and brush

This gel eyeliner is one of the best sellers in the ‘low cost’ range by makeup lovers. And it is a product that does its job very well. It is pigmented in an intense black color and remains intact over the hours.

Regen Skin Retinol Booster

Mercadona has made this retinol enhancer available to its customers for all those people who want to incorporate this ingredient into their daily facial routines. In this case, it is a product that is put on just before the moisturizer. And it is that retinol is one of the star ingredients of recent years.

Other ‘top’ beauty products from Mercadona

In addition to those mentioned above, we also want to make special mention of some others that are also worth it for the price at which they are for sale.

For example, if you want a ‘top’ product for blonde hair with several discolorations and you want to improve the tone of your hair, Deliplus’s lilac shampoo is one of the best on the market. Thus, the Mercadona silver golden shampoo is one of the best and its price is suitable for all pockets.

In addition, you can also get the Deliplus Perfect Complexion Facial Primer. This promises to reduce pores, improve texture and unify the tone of your skin before makeup.

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