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10 foods that reactivate blood circulation


improve the blood circulation is one of the great challenges of our Healthand thanks to some food, we can get the maximum result. Because the vascular system does not always reach everything, and sometimes, the arteries They widen so much that it does not allow the flow of light to flow clearly. blood until the heart.

In worst cases, they form blood clots that could clog blood vessels and block access to the heart or brainleading to problems.

Run away from blood pressure

So it is more than necessary that we are aware of what it means that we have a good diet to avoid it.

There is fruit and other foods that help us improve blood circulation, so do not hesitate to choose the ones you like the most and include them in your routine.

flee from the blood pressure and other situations thanks to varied consumption and a healthy diet that will affect your blood circulation.

These are the foods that we recommend you consume so that you can take advantage of all the possible benefits in your blood circulation.

  • Apple: It has a high fiber content, as well as pectins and polyphenols, which protect cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol.
  • Chile: It is good for the circulatory system because it acts against a gene that narrows blood vessels. It has capsaicin and analgesic and anti-inflammatory powers.
  • OrangePairing: Both the peel and the juice of the orange, recognized citrus with Vitamin CThey have polymethoxylated flavones, something that reduces bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • Blueberries and strawberries: They can reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack by up to a third, due to their flavonoids, which dilate the arteries and give cardiovascular benefits.
  • Water: It can also positively affect the blood circulation that you consume water. There are studies that ensure that drinking more than five glasses reduces the risk of heart disease.

fruits blood circulation

More foods with properties

Another powerful food that can also serve our blood circulation is ginger, which also affects blood vessels and is anti-cholesterol

Garlic, for its part, has a cleansing effect on the blood and provides cardiovascular benefits.

Walnuts also collaborate, always related to a lower risk of heart disease thanks to their minerals and unsaturated fatty acids.

Tomato and turmeric close this list of recommended foods because their properties are also good for the body.

Make a list and collect all the foods that are good for you to avoid risk factors for blood pressure.

Family history, trauma or diabetes, among other diseases that can surprise you any day, have an influence.

So don’t hesitate and turn your habits around and avoid those problems. Your blood circulation will thank you.

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