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10 diseases that you can prevent thanks to physical exercise


Experts say that rest is almost as important as sleep. physical exercise. That is why there are routines of activities that are very beneficial in our body and are even capable of avoiding some diseases.

Because having a healthy life also depends on our training. So don’t hesitate and create or improve yours now that 2022 begins, making it your goal to regularly maintain various exercises that will help you feel better.

Your body and your mind will appreciate it, because it will have a positive effect on them if you take care of your exercise table and above all, The intensity with which you do them. You will also prevent some pathologies that perhaps you did not know that you could help avoid.

Benefits of physical exercise

Say goodbye to stress, improve your mood and optimize the quality of your sleep by doing physical exercise: you choose the sport, the hour or hours you dedicate to it and the degree of involvement will depend on you.

Remember that the fact of not getting down to work can negatively impact on your health with an unhealthy lifestyle. So take a look at these diseases that you could prevent if you play sports continuously.

  1. reduce your blood pressure thanks to physical exercise: With the mere fact of running, swimming or cycling, you can control your blood pressure. And if you add a balanced diet to that, you will further enhance the results.
  2. Heart diseases: You will reduce the risk of having heart attacks of myocardium, arrhythmias and other heart problems, in addition to hypertension.
  3. Fight against being overweight and obesity: This is another of the great battles that you face, and that you will easily win if you are tenacious and constant. We must flee from being overweight, a problem shared by millions of people in the world.
  4. Regular exercise helps maintain strong bones and reduce the risk of having osteoporosis: A disease that produces a decrease in the density of bone mass. You will also be able to avoid level fractures.
  5. control the diabetes: This is another of the diseases that is characterized by having a high blood glucose level, so if we exercise, we will considerably reduce the chances of having it.

Diabetes Exercise Health

Helps prevent other health problems

Stress It appears in our day to day life due to the large number of responsibilities that we have in our hands. Physical exercise helps reduce it significantly, as it lowers cortisol levels, which is the hormone that causes it.

Something similar happens with the high cholesterol, from which we will escape thanks to cardiovascular exercise. This disease is associated with multiple diseases.

Exercise helps 19% so that we do not suffer eye pathologies, and also reduces arthritis. Promotes memory and prevents Alzheimer’sso there are not a few reasons and reasons, in the form of illnesses, to continue believing that physical exercise is life.

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